Unexpected giveaway of the iPhone 14 and other expensive prizes

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Tenorshare strives to forge a unique link with its clients in addition to offering cutting-edge technological solutions. For this reason, the company organises various events to increase user interaction. The most recent Tenorshare giveaway event, Win iPhone 14 by Charging, offers users a 100% chance to win an iPhone 14. or other priceless gift incentives,” the CEO of Tenorshare remarked when unveiling the new function.

An event called “Win iPhone 14 by Charging” has been organised by Tenorshare, a renowned multinational software firm, and will run from August 24 until September 15, 2022. Participants in this event can finish a few simple tasks for a chance to win an iPhone 14. Participants can also win additional prizes, such as Amazon gift cards, a 20% off discount code, and a free 1-month licence for Phone Mirror.


  • The persons who share the iPhone 14 giveaway page on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #TenorshareIphone14, #TenorshareGiveaway, and #iPhone14Giveaway will be randomly selected as winners of the iPhone 14 and Amazon gift cards. During the event, the shared post must be visible to the public.

  • Visit the Tenorshare iPhone 14 giveaway website to sign up for this event. There will be a sizable “Charge Now” button visible. Once you press it, let’s say 50% of the phone shown on the screen will be charged. After that, a list of tasks will appear for you to select from and finish. Additionally, each job displays the percentage of battery it will add after finished. As a result, as soon as you start finishing the chores, the phone’s battery level keeps rising. You will be prepared to win an iPhone 14 or other prizes when the phone is fully charged in this manner.

After the event, the victors will get an iPhone 14 and Amazon gift cards. You will receive your prize right away if you win a 20% off coupon code or a 1-month free Phone Mirror licence. A highly regarded and award-winning software firm called Tenorshare has created a number of excellent software products targeted at the Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms. Data recovery, data transfer, system repair, and password recovery are among Tenorshare’s top software products.

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