TV from Hisense U7H and U8H series have WiSA SoundSend certification

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As a long-time WiSA partner, the 2022 lineup will feature interoperable designs and easy pairing with award-winning wireless audio transmitters. We are proud to offer more premium audio features that consumers are asking for, such as,” said President of Hisense USA, “Connecting WiSA SoundSend to the U7H and U8H enables the transmission of multi-channel audio content. , robust audio completes the outstanding home theater experience.”

Hisense 2022 U7H and U8H TVs are WiSA SoundSend certified. In 2021, the WiSA SoundSend Certification Program will be launched to ensure easy and effortless connectivity and interoperability between smart TVs and WiSA SoundSend wireless audio transmitters. “We are delighted that the Hisense U7H and U8H have received WiSA SoundSend certification.


  • “Built to interoperate with WiSA SoundSend universal wireless audio transmitters, Hisense U7H and U8H series TVs allow users to experience high-quality cinema sound in minutes. Partnering with leading brands like Hisense, Our mission as an association is to bring immersive sound and entertainment into the hands of our customers.” The association’s first branded product.

  • Connecting WiSA SoundSend to a smart TV such as the Hisense U7H or U8H creates a complete home theater audio system using WiSA HT technology and consisting of speakers certified for interoperability by the WiSA Association. WiSA SoundSend simply and easily connects to the latest TVs via HDMI ARC/eARC and uses WiSA HT wireless audio technology to make setting up and connecting an immersive home theater audio system quick and easy.

WiSA SoundSend, recently won the 2022 Mark of Excellence award from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and was named Audio Component Product of the Year by the Smart Home Division. WiSA SoundSend’s other awards and honors are from Twice, Dealerscope, and The Stevie® Awards. Through the WiSA SoundSend certification program, WiSA will continue to support consumer electronic TV manufacturers like Hisense with WiSA HT technology.

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