To grow the halal sector, technology and research are essential

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  • Technology and research achievements play an important role in the development of the country’s halal industry sector, said R. Hendrian.

He noted that Indonesia ranks second in the world in terms of the number of users of halal products in the 2022 Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) report. However, Indonesia’s halal product exports account for only 3.8% of the global halal market.

In a statement received by ANTARA in Jakarta on Monday, Hendrian said, “This disparity requires the promotion of technology and innovation to make it easier for business players to produce competitive, local halal products. and Public awareness of halal products continues to grow around the world, with products even becoming a lifestyle option, he said, adding that Indonesia, as the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, is no exception.

“The high demand for halal products boosted the development of the halal industry, which later turned into a new perspective for business development,” Hendrian said.

BRIN also calls on technology makers to work with economic players to develop the country’s halal industry sector.

As such, BRIN has produced various research and innovation outputs to support the Halal industry, especially in applied research that can be used by business people and the general public. B. Food packaging methods, halal detection tools for different types of food, and alcohol detection tools.

Satriyo Krido Wahono, head of BRIN’s Center for Food Technology and Process Research, said halal research is still being carried out at BRIN, where he has many focus areas, including innovation in material discovery and the development of alternative materials. said there is “If (the material) is still raw, there are evidence studies, there is the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). The gold standard analysis is already here.

It’s hard to recognize that. It’s a concern that needs to be developed further,” he said.

The future goal of halal research is to provide rapid detection but not tolerate non-halal content. In addition, BRIN is also focusing on research on halal materials and substitutes for imported materials. Technological innovation is needed to replace the currently monopolized imported materials with unexplored local products such as seafood.

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