These apps enable Material You transformations

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In Android 12, this feature was limited solely to apps that the system allowed, which the Pixel Launcher (or Samsung launcher) determined. On Pixels, the list was solely Google apps. On Samsung devices, it was solely Samsung apps. It was an incredibly limited version of the idea, but not nearly the final one.

In order to fully embrace Material You theming, Google introduced the ability for homescreen icons in Android 12. Themed icons are intended to give homescreen icons a consistent appearance that matches the system theme. As of Android 13, third-party apps are now able to join in on the fun of themed icons. The feature, which is available in Android versions 12 and up, dynamically themes the icon and modifies it when the wallpaper modifies the system colours. In our experience, it works rather well, but how many apps support it ultimately determines how well it works.


  • The two biggest apps so far with support for a themed icon on Android 13 are easily WhatsApp and Reddit, the former of which added support in its latest beta, and the latter in a public update on August 19. 1Password 8, which was released in early August, also supports the feature.

  • In Android 13, the door is open for third-party apps to support themed icons. In just a couple of weeks since Android 13 launched, themed icons are already showing up in more apps, even though it’s still completely opt-in.The list of third-party apps that support themed icons on Android 13 is currently limited, which isn’t surprising given the reach of this feature for now. The list currently is as follows.

Samsung also supports themed icons on Android 12, but as with Pixels on Android 12, it’s limited only to apps from Samsung directly. Not even Google apps will show on the homescreen with Material You colors on Android 12. It’s highly likely, though, that Samsung will adopt themed icons in a bigger way in Android 13 (One UI 5.0) which is now in beta.

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