There is currently a 4.1.1 user interface available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

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The S22 trio did not receive Android 13 as a result of the One UI 4.1.1 update, which is based on Android 12. With One UI 5, that will occur. Additionally, the new release does not have the September 2022 Android security patch. What you do receive, though, is One UI 4.1.

The One UI 4.1.1 update for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra has started to roll out from Samsung. Only US-based devices locked to Verizon, Comcast, and Xfinity Mobile’s networks are now seeding, but more regions should shortly follow. If you haven’t yet gotten the firmware update, you may manually check for it by going to Settings > Software update on your phone. The upgrade has the firmware version S90xUSQU2AVHB.


  • One UI 4.1.1 update for Samsung Galaxy S22 series is now available. Review of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra You don’t have to download and install the update; simply turn off the notice. However, since everyone wants the newest features, it might be difficult to resist installing updates even when we are aware that doing so will damage our phones. I received the updates for my Pixel 6 Pro with Tensor CPU really quickly. Even android 13; I’ve had it since day one. Could Samsung? Please cease requiring updates. Every update I receive nerfs and degrades my phone. Every month, I’ve noticed a decline in my camera, battery life, and CPU speed, and you cannot stop these upgrades. I long for the days without updates.

  • The first is the enhancements to Smart View and Private Share. After files are shared privately, Private Share now lets you change their names. On the other side, Smart View now has an improved Multi View feature that fits your everyday usage habits. There are other options available, such as Full Screen and Picture-in-Picture.

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