The UBON BT-210 headphones that look like cricket balls will have 20 hours of battery life

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If so, Ubon offers his TWS headphones which are excellent. In fact, UBON has launched a special type of headphones for cricket lovers. The body of these headphones looks like a cricket ball. If you are also a cricket fan, you will love it. The name of Ubon’s new earbuds is the BT-210 Cricket Ball Earbuds. The company claims the headphones come with a 300mAh battery that provides 20 hours of long-lasting playback in the case.

There is no shortage of wireless headphones in India. You can get headphones at any price on the market. There are many factors to consider when buying new headphones, including budget, sound quality, and design. When buying headphones, you don’t want to compromise. I currently own Nothing Ear (1), known for its mill design and excellent sound quality. Apart from that, they’re also pretty affordable, but would you like to buy TWS headphones that look like a cricket ball.


  • The headphones are lightweight and have a stylish look that makes them look great. Headphones are sweat resistant. Ubon BT-210 Truly Wireless Headphones are sweat resistant. As for connectivity, it works with Bluetooth version v5.0. We were given touch control capabilities for answering calls on the headphones. Apart from that, dual mic support is also available and virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant are also being deployed on the headphones.

  • He said he provided excellent service to his customers. He said the UBON BT-210 Cricket Ball Earphones are an example of creativity and hard work. The Ubon BT-210 true wireless earbuds are sweat resistant so you can use them without restrictions during your workout. These headphones bring cricket fans closer to the game. The UBON BT-210 wireless headphones come in a cricket ball sized case that makes them unique and attractive. The headphones are powered by a 300 mAh battery, which gives you 20 hours of use with the case on.

These headphones can be used individually after auto-pairing. The price of Ubon BT-210 Cricket Ball Wireless Headphones in India is Rs.3299. Headphones come with a 6 month warranty. These can be purchased from Flipkart, Amazon official website, e-commerce websites such as Ubon, and retailers in your area.

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