The taskbar on Android 12L is disabled by Samsung when using a third party launcher

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To see why the company disabled the option, you have to force the OS to allow you to use the taskbar even when you are using a third-party launcher. Yes, there is an option to do so. To bypass the restriction, you have to navigate to Settings » Display » Navigation bar on your devices and scroll down to the Looking for something else? section. Clicking it reveals an option to turn on the taskbar even when using a third-party launcher.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the first Samsung smartphone to run Android 12L, which has also been made available for the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S8, and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The taskbar, among other things, is included. You can use the taskbar to open your favorite programs from virtually anywhere. Google created the taskbar specifically for large-screen devices. It simplifies switching between apps and enhances split-screen multitasking. The taskbar in Samsung’s devices is deactivated when you use a third-party launcher, according to 9To5Google, which is a tiny variation from vanilla Android 12L in One UI 4.1.1. Samsung put this restriction in place for a purpose, despite how annoying it may initially seem.


  • In stock Android 12L (at least on Pixel devices), the taskbar appears even when you use a third-party launcher. However, similar to Samsung’s One UI 4.1.1, stock Android 12L continues to show the taskbar in the multitasking menu. Sometimes, it doesn’t sync icons on the taskbar with those on the launcher’s dock.

  • However, when you use the taskbar with a third-party launcher, such as Niagara, you’ll quickly notice that the taskbar stays visible even in the multitasking menu. And you can see app icons on the taskbar and those on the bottom of the multitasking menu. The whole UI looks out of place. That’s not the only issue. The launcher also crashes now and then and sometimes doesn’t show any app. You will have to turn the taskbar on and off to fix the issue.

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So, this appears to be a problem with Android 12L itself. And until Google provides a fix for the issue, it is a good idea to stick with the stock Samsung launcher if you want to use the taskbar on your Galaxy device.Discover Samsung, the company’s yearly fall sales event, kicked off today, and for the next week, customers in the USA can benefit from discounts and better deals than usual. Samsung’s sales event kicked off with a discount on the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, consisting of a free memory upgrade and Samsung Credit.

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