The success of iPhone 14 It depends on an unexpected factor

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But the feature the company is working on most to attract customers is 5G wireless, which it launched two years ago. Indeed, for some, 5G is yesterday. For others, it’s a bigger number than his previous 4G. But accumulating data shows that 5G wireless is becoming as important in today’s iPhones as battery life and storage, the two most sought-after features when buying a phone.

As widely expected, Apple executives probably won’t notice many changes to the phone when they show off the iPhone 14 in California next week. Rumors suggest that the notch in the selfie camera could make his housing smaller, and Apple could tout camera improvements and newly introduced always-on-screen technology.


  • This is a far cry from the perception of 5G when it launched and in the early days when the service was launched. But airlines are pouring billions into infrastructure and airwaves to support it, resulting in better service in many places.

  • Current cell phone standards have been offered by all major U.S. carriers for several years, but researchers at consulting firm Deloitte cited a “better price/performance ratio” as the reason for switching cell phone providers. It is also the second most cited reason. money. ”

Every year seems to put the iPhone’s enduring popularity to the test, and it will continue this year for good reason. The iPhone is the company’s workhorse in almost every respect. Apple’s iPhone sales surpassed his $191.97 billion last year, accounting for more than half of total sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of his biggest supporters of 5G, and since 2020 when he first offered the technology with the iPhone 12, he’s cited his 5G every time he speaks publicly about the iPhone. I’m here. “I think there are reasons for optimism.”

Much of the iPhone technology has permeated other businesses, with related products such as the Apple Watch, AirPods headphones, and iPad tablets becoming multi-billion dollar businesses. It also helped push Apple’s value to over his $2.5 trillion.

That’s up from his $60.7 billion valuation on Wall Street just before his March 15 listing when the device was first announced several years ago. Today, Apple is the world’s most valuable company, followed by oil giant Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Amazon and electric car maker Tesla.

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