The OnePlus Nord Buds CE wireless earphones do not skimp on quality to reduce prices

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However, the threat level of the competition is lower than the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2C (ca and objective. The design looks warm and enveloping the simpler times of the past. There are no earbud attachments, just the molded plastic that makes up the ends of the earbuds. For those with slightly narrower ear canals, wireless his earbuds don’t always work well with earbuds. It either comes off or is too uncomfortable to wear for a long time. The design of the OnePlus Nord Buds CE (very similar to Apple’s wired EarPods headphones and the previous generation of his AirPods) makes things easier.

There is an attempt to push the boundaries again with the OnePlus Nord Buds CE (these cost £2,299) to take on the mantle of the OnePlus Nord Buds (£2,799). This is the most affordable wireless earbud option from the brand known for Android phones. Given that the premium OnePlus Buds Pro (around £10,000) have proven to be impressive from the start, there’s the audio expertise to build. India’s highly capable (and popular quarterly survey figures tell us) Indian wearables ecosystem proves to be very vigilant. Noise Air Buds Pro (around £2,999).


  • The OnePlus Nord Buds CE try to compensate for noise cancellation using artificial intelligence algorithms, but this is only available for calls. They work pretty well, and while the human voice isn’t imprecisely blocked at either end of the call, background his noise often passes undetected at either end.

  • Aside from the comfort and compatibility benefits, the lack of eartip seals means isolation from ambient noise is almost non-existent. Hear everything around you with the music and podcasts you’re listening to on your OnePlus Nord Buds CE. It’s not an inherent limitation of these wireless earbuds, it’s a factor in the design itself.

The OnePlus Nord Buds CE are expected to target casual listening and popular music genres. In fact, a slight focus on the bass adds to its dynamics, making it suitable for remixes, Bollywood music, and general uptempo stuff. That said, audio-centric content (like podcasts) doesn’t sound bad.

Inside this sculpture (I especially like the Misty Gray color) is a very large audio driver. Both ears are equipped with 13.4 mm audio drivers, some of the biggest hardware components in their direct competitor wireless earbuds. For example, the Realme Buds Air Neo have his 10mm audio drivers in each ear. According to the laws of physics, the larger the audio hardware (at least in theory), the better the resulting audio. 

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