The new flight technology will also be unveiled at the Detroit auto show

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  • After three years, the Detroit Auto Show is back with a bang. and flight of imagination.

As in years past, visitors to the prestigious North American International Auto Show, which opened last week, can see the latest offerings from the world’s largest automaker.

But this time, you’ll also get to see what the organizers call “show on show.”

The Air Mobility Experience will feature exhibits and demonstrations from his six air mobility innovators from five countries, including electric vertical take-off aircraft, hoverbikes, hoverboards and jet suits.

“And the answer is ‘now,’” he said.

Air Mobility Experience Chief His Creative His Officer John George said: “We’ve all asked ourselves this question. I know I’ve had it since I was a kid. ‘When will that future come?’”

Visitors to the exhibition can see some of the mobile air transport aircraft on the exhibition floor, and others in the sky above the city.

This includes his ICON A5, a two-seat amphibious light sport aircraft with retractable wings that the owner can transport on a trailer behind a truck, SUV, or other vehicle. .

His ICON Aircraft pilot in Vacaville, California, provided a demonstration of his flight along the Detroit River, including a landing on the channel between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. “The reaction [from passengers] to landing on water has always been my favorite,” said of his ICON, which flew part of an A5 demonstration flight past his convention center in downtown Huntington Place, where the auto show is taking place. marketing his manager and pilot, Suzanne Clavette.

NAIAS was last held in January 2019. She returned last week on a smaller scale with a new model debut and fewer journalists and less glittery displays. But hosting the show in September has made the great outdoors available to automakers and air mobility companies, including Ford Motor Co., which unveiled its new Mustang at downtown’s Hart Plaza.

“Honestly, I think this is the future of shows. It’s not just a car show anymore. This is a mobility show where you get a glimpse of all these types of vehicles, including those that fly,” said George.

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