The Mac Studio is rack mounted using Sonnet’s xMac Studio and Rackmac Studio

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The RackMac Studio and xMac Studio are rackmount systems designed to work with the Mac Studio, Apple’s most potent desktop Mac operating on Apple Silicon, and are a logical continuation from its RackMac mini and xMac mini Server. Each is made to accommodate the Mac inside a bigger enclosure along with other components that can be installed into typical 19-inch server and equipment racks.

AppleInsider is funded by its audience and may make money from qualifying sales as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner. These affiliate relationships have no impact on the editorial content we publish. Accessory manufacturer Sonnet has unveiled the xMac Studio and RackMac Studio, two new enclosures for the Mac Studio.


  • Cooling is provided via an enclosed chamber beneath each Mac Studio, ensuring cool air can be brought in through their bases, while ventilation holes allow for the expulsion of heat.Each chamber also provides space for up to three Thunderbolt or USB-C SSDs to be installed, which can hook up to the Mac Studio’s ports at the back.

  • The RackMac Studio is able to hold one or two Mac Studios (check prices), neatly shielded behind a removable front panel. Strategically-placed slots and holes provide access to the ports and SD card slots on each Mac Studio, so they don’t have to be removed from the enclosure to plug something in.To the side of each Mac Studio is a power button that directly controls the power button at the rear. A USB-A port also provides a way to plug in a thumb drive or other hardware at the front without needing to access the back.

Following the similar theme of holding the Mac in a rack, the xMac Studio is a 16.5-inch deep 3U rackmount enclosure that can hold a single Mac Studio. Rather than a second Mac, the enclosure instead includes a Thunderbolt to PCIe card expansion system, with the option of adding an Echo I or Echo III module, with the latter borrowed from the DuoModo expansion system.

The compact 9.5-inch deep, 3U size makes it able to be installed in smaller travel racks and shallow molded rack cases, opening the possibility of it being used to transport the Mac Studio for a variety of mobile purposes.Sonnet is making the RackMac Studio available the week of October 24, priced at $449.99.

The main enclosure includes a front power button that works with the rear power switch, as well as space to be able to access the front ports and memory card slot. However, instead of the single-port USB-A passthrough cable, the enclosure instead provides a four-port USB-A hub, which again connects around the back.

Below the Mac Studio is an SSD storage space, which is ideal for up to three SSD drives to be installed and connected to the Mac Studio’s rear ports. Vent holes at the front provide access to cool air, while a completely open back is used for hot air expulsion.

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