The following justifies updating Google Chrome on your laptop

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Laptops and desktop PCs with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems can use version 105.0.5195.102. Over the coming days, Google Chrome users will gradually start receiving it. The business claims in a blog post that it is aware of claims that an exploit for CVE-2022-3075 is out in the open. It hasn’t purposefully disclosed information about the problem, though. “Until the majority of users have been informed with a patch, access to problem details and links may be restricted. If the restriction is in a third-party library that other projects also rely on but haven’t yet updated, we will continue to enforce it, according to Google.

Available for laptops and desktop computers with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems is Google Chrome version 105.0.5195.102. Over the coming days, Google Chrome users will gradually start receiving it. A security flaw in the Google Chrome browser has been fixed by a recent major update from Google. The IT behemoth is aware that Google Chrome’s zero-day vulnerability has been used. Users must update to the most recent Google Chrome version in order to protect their privacy and data online.


  • A Chrome OS Shell, Sign-In Flow, Extensions & Extensions API, Insufficient policy enforcement in Cookies, Inappropriate implementation in Extensions API, Heap buffer overflow in PDF and Side-channel information leakage in Keyboard input. A remote attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities by sending a specially crafted request on the targeted system, it further adds.

  • The flaw, which is related to Mojo’s inadequate data validation, was discovered on August 30 by an anonymous tipster. Regarding security danger, it has a grade of “high.” The Google ChromeOS LTS channel version before 96.0.4664.219 has recently been found to include a number of vulnerabilities, according to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). It was stated that these vulnerabilities exist in Google ChromeOS as a result of the use of managed devices, browser creation, and use after free in Blink and WebUI.

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