The 5000 series speaker line and angled subwoofer for floor-to-ceiling linear bass array are now available from DARTS Theater.

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The dARTS 5000 series loudspeakers feature a new housing shape with a highly desirable, slightly textured matte black finish. A new ribbon tweeter allows dARTS loudspeakers to reproduce frequencies up to 40 kHz in audiophile quality. The 5000 Series outputs up to 124 dB SPL for very loud and clear sound even in large rooms.

dARTS Theater, a Florida-based manufacturer of award-winning digital audio reference theater speakers and subwoofers, has announced the introduction of the dARTS 5000 Series powered loudspeakers and floor-to-ceiling DCB410-SUB based arrays. Monoblock subwoofer amplifier. US-made speakers and subwoofers are available now.


  • Once installed and calibrated, the room will be one of the best theaters in the world. 8 feet tall, 280 lbs. The DCB410 Trapezoidal Subwoofer is specially designed for corner installations and incorporates a linear array of eight 10 inch powered woofers. The cone surface supports a 28-inch woofer. The DCB410-SUB delivers tight, colorless bass with an echo-free frequency response down to 16 Hz and a maximum SPL of 122 dB at 1M.

  • dARTS powered loudspeakers use DSP-based crossover, equalization, and time correction before amplification. All woofers and tweeters are directly connected to the amplifier channel, so there is nothing in the audio path to degrade the signal. This method delivers the purest signal from the source to the speaker. Each speaker driver in the system is individually tuned to match each other within 0.5dB, and each dARTS system is tuned to a reference power level.

“The line array experience of the DCB410-SUB is unlike anything most home theater listeners have ever felt or heard before. Straight wavefronts impact your body and you can feel the bass just by listening. When used as a double bass array, room mode can be actively reduced to more evenly cover the listening area.” 

Each subwoofer system features a high current monoblock amplifier driving a DCB410-SUB. Each powerful 1U amplifier delivers 350 Watts RMS with a peak power of 700 Watts. “The 5000 Series is the most comprehensive update in the dARTS line. With predictable accuracy, dARTS loudspeakers deliver true acoustic perfection regardless of the acoustics of the room,” said Ken, Vice President. Hecht said.

The 5000 series speakers and his DCB410-SUB can be easily incorporated into dARTS theater audio designs using MSE Audio Theater Sound Designer. Experience the new 5000 Series loudspeakers and DCB410-SUB at the CEDIA Expo in Sound Room 3 featuring an 18-channel dARTS digital audio reference theater system. 

Visit the MSE Audio team at Booth 31109 (near Sound Room 3) to learn more about SoundTube’s new Mighty Mite and Designer Sleeve trailers, SolidDrive, Rockustics’ two new Rock models, and Phase Technology’s Induction Dynamics and Premier. And Lux ​​and Power Lux models.

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