Test a new updated “photo choice” in Google Messages

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  • Google has begun testing the redesigned, gallery-focused “photo picker” messaging feature. With this new feature, users can see 22 more images by swiping left and also get shortcuts for quick access to the camera.

A new picker that appears to the left of the text box shows the latest photos from your camera roll below the live camera, and next to it is a shortcut to open your phone’s gallery.

Users can swipe left to see 22 more images and also get a shortcut to quickly open the camera.

As the user scrolls down the window grows and he can comfortably view 15 images at a time.

“Today’s large (and tall) screens can be leveraged by allowing users to quickly switch to gallery view with a swipe up,” the report states.

Users can find the Floating Action Buttons (FAB) for cameras and folders in the bottom right corner. This update improves usability for regularly used components.

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