Tafi announces the public launch of the revolutionary Astra avatar creation engine

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Astra is the most advanced avatar creation SDK on the market, offering a wide range of avatar shapes and sizes and powerful asset customization capabilities not found anywhere else. Astra’s simple and affordable solution removes the heavy lifting of the avatar process, allowing developers to skip the arduous task of building a system from scratch. Astra has been in development for over 5 years and was in private beta with over 30 developers putting it into the game.

Tafi, creator of Astra, a world-class engine for creating 3D avatars, has announced the public release of the Astra SDK. Today’s update makes Astra easily accessible to all developers to integrate into their games and digital environments. Astra is designed to save developers time and money while providing users with powerful tools to create the perfect digital identity using Astra’s extensive 3D asset library. The creator can also integrate his own 3D assets designed in various 3D modeling software to give the user’s avatar almost endless possibilities. A developer can now get his SDK by signing up on the Astra website.


  • Ty Duperron, Tafi Chief Product Officer, said: “The SDK’s versatility, ease of integration and use, and diverse high-quality assets enable users to present themselves in the virtual space the way they want to be presented. We are working to build a metaverse that is as inclusive and diverse as possible, and we have clearly heard that the people who spend time in these spaces appreciate their digital personality choices. of users have the power to give them nearly limitless choices in their projects.”

  • With publication, creators and editors, as well as all developers looking for a powerful avatar engine, will find Astra to be the best solution available. Harold Dumur, CEO of Ova and StellarX, said of Astra: To do this, we needed a top-notch avatar system to meet the high expectations of our customers. “We were excited to use Tafi’s Astra SDK. It was the only solution that offered us an end-to-end avatar system with tons of content. No, we were no longer satisfied. Tafi’s SDK is truly groundbreaking.”

Jesse Janzer, his director of technology at Tafi, said: “We are very proud of this SDK because it will give developers of all skill levels a huge boost in building games and worlds with a variety of avatars not seen today.

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