Super Hero creates opportunities for more Android sagas

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You already know that the new film has several androids if you’ve watched it. After all, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sheds light on the Red Ribbon Army, who took control of the study during its prime. The story follows Piccolo and Gohan as they come across two androids who have just left the Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters. Things quickly spiral out of control when one scientist unleashes a massive hidden weapon.

Over the years, Dragon Ball has picked up a few things about androids. The franchise has faced its protagonists against a variety of high-tech foes throughout its history, and some of those androids have since turned out to be allies. Every time an android enters the scene, Dragon Ball serves up a popular story arc to viewers. Additionally, a new form of android tale has been established in the wake of the most recent anime film.


  • The seeds of a new android arc have been sowed, and Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1 are still alive. Dr. Hedo could certainly build additional machines; after all, he did build a huge version of Cell that was launched into battle before it was finished. There is no questioning the man’s brilliance, and Gamma 1 has demonstrated to Dr. Hedo what an android is capable of.

  • The second coming of Cell is defeated by the time the latest Dragon Ball movie ends, and our heroes are down an android. Not all hope is gone, though. According to the anime, Gamma 1 has left the Red Ribbon Army in order to become a good-doing superhero. The best inventor in the army, Dr. Hedo, eventually enlists in the Capsule Corps to put his intelligence to good use.

What do you think will happen to Dragon Ball? Should the IP eventually take on a different android saga? Contact me on Twitter at @MeganPetersCB or leave your comments in the section below. The owner of ComicBook is CBS Interactive, a unit of Paramount. Go here to sign up for Paramount+.

Of course, Android 17 and Android 18 haven’t yet encountered Gamma 1. Now that the three are all on the same team, fans are clamouring to watch them interact. Additionally, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero had established the ideal antagonist in case this saga were to be realised. Since she is his grandma, Dr. Hedo welcomed Android 21—or rather, their base—to the canon this year. It’s also impossible to predict what form of retaliation she could seek for Dr. Gero’s death given that she married him.

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