Some Dell XPS 13 Plus laptops have a persistent problem, which may cause the screen to be removed

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The brand-new Intel 12th generation processors, NVMe storage, and, in the case of the XPS 13 Plus, an amazing OLED display are all features of Dell’s recently released XPS 13 and XPS 13 Plus laptops, which were introduced a few months ago. All of these features were crammed into a sleek and light design that impressed reviewers who held it in their hands. But for several critics, the thrill started to wane for a particular reason.

The NVMe SSD and OLED display on Dell’s recently announced XPS 13 Plus laptop are outstanding features, but the capacitive touch function row of keys is less appealing. That might only be a small annoyance, though, as early adopters of the new laptop have reported that their displays have been tumbling out of place and being detached from the chassis, occasionally leading to a dead display.


  • The XPS 13 Plus (incorrectly referred to as the XPS 15) is seen in the video above experiencing display separation during a Best Buy test demo. A Q&A problem like this is undoubtedly cause for concern, thus Dell acted quickly to get in touch with customers who bought the laptop during the problematic production dates. The company wanted to replace the affected customers’ screens before the adhesive weakens or breaks.

  • The adhesive anchoring the laptop screen to the main chassis has been found to have problems, occasionally losing its “stickiness,” as a result of which the screen may just randomly move. Unfortunately, some customers of the XPS 13 Plus have reported much greater problems with the screen. Owners of the XPS 13 Plus have alleged on Reddit that the glue can really harm the screen. Some have reported touchscreen capability loss, colour abnormalities, or even display death. The Verge’s XPS 13 Plus review sample’s display truly died shortly after they finished testing, and Dell later acknowledged that their laptop was among the batch that was impacted.

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