Software developer John Olajide effectively delivers healthcare through the use of technology

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  • Niyi John Olajide had a strong enthusiasm for computers even before he was the founder and CEO of Axxess, the premier worldwide home healthcare technology firm with headquarters in Dallas, Texas and offices all around the world, including Lagos, Nigeria.

A telecommunications engineer from the University of Texas at Dallas named Olajide is passionate about enhancing the caliber of healthcare services provided to patients in their homes by supplying healthcare organizations with cutting-edge software solutions. Olajide was recognized as the Outstanding Healthcare Executive of the Year and a Leader in Diversity.

He established himself on the route to success as a 20-year-old American undergraduate when he started working as a consultant for various home healthcare organizations, developing technology solutions for their service delivery.

He said in a discussion with Saturday Vanguard, “I am really passionate about economic growth and Nigeria is blessed with tremendous human resources.

“I observed that many people worked at various desks with various occupations in a very huge organization. That occurred in 2001.

He recalled a visit to his aunt, who worked for a local healthcare organization some years ago while he was in college in the US, as an example of how he is making society a better place. “I went to my aunt’s since I was a very poor college student. I believe she gave me $100 or $200.

He began to inquire after realizing that the computers there were using outdated software and were not networked. His aunt admitted they weren’t connected.

Olajide described to her the benefits of a computer network and what it is. This includes how we can help you expand your business, raise your income, organize your operations, lower your operating expenses, and improve your company’s success.

I explained how a computer network like this could assist a healthcare organization enhance patient outcomes. She thought the concept was great and brought me to her supervisor. “I gave her supervisor the same explanation. He thought it was a fantastic idea and requested that we build a network for the business. I began constructing the network and was later named the organization’s computer manager.

Olajide did a respectable job and soon began working similarly for other people. Its line of work was home health care, which involved sending out medical personnel to treat patients in their homes.

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