Six characteristics that the iPhone 14 could adopt from Android devices

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That’s a good thing as far as we’re concerned, but there are lots of other Android features the iPhone 14 line could borrow too. Below we’ve listed the ones we’d most like to see – though for the most part they’re not things we’re actually expecting. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has impressive zoom abilities (Image credit: Future) This is a feature we want to see on more phones period – both Android ones and iPhone. Currently, no iPhones have this and only a handful of Android handsets do – most notably the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

With a background of hazy nature, the Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max is held in the hand. a 13-inch Pro Max iPhone. Four new Apple phones are slated to debut on September 7 as part of the iPhone 14 series. We have a solid sense of what they might offer – and what they might not – thanks to leaks and rumours. A punch-hole camera in place of a notch on the Pro versions is one of the major updates we’ve heard about; this will result in a more Android-like design than we’ve previously seen from Apple.


  • The Xiaomi 12 Pro for example offers 120W charging, which is enough to fully juice the phone up in just 18 minutes. Even wirelessly it can manage 50W, and while that’s one of the speediest examples, a bunch of other phones from Xiaomi, OnePlus and other brands come close. In fact, the OnePlus 10T can manage even more, topping out at 150W.

  • It’s a really great feature though, letting you capture images that are simply impossible with shorter range zoom – or would be severely compromised by using digital zoom. Current iPhones top out at 3x optical zoom and while there is talk of Apple working on improved optical zoom, leaks suggest we won’t see this until the iPhone 15 – and that it will top out at 5x. Every phone in the iPhone 13 line tops out at under 30W fast charging, which by 2022 standards makes them pretty slow. In fairness, their main competitors – Samsung’s Galaxy phones – also tend to charge slowly, but many other Android phones don’t.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is one of a small but growing number of Android phones that have an under-display camera, and it’s something that iPhones – with their massive notches – could really benefit from. Sure, it’s looking likely that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will ditch the notch and instead have a pair of camera cut-outs, but these look like they’ll still take up a lot of visible space, so hiding those components under the screen would be ideal.

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