Saints Row CEO said Reboot’s welcome left him “sad”

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  • Saints Row returned to gaming last month, and its reception disappointed the owners of Volition Embrace Group. Saints Row is one of the most beloved gaming franchises and has long been considered a direct competitor to Grand Theft Auto.

Sure, it doesn’t quite have the same production value as the Rockstar franchise, but it’s the closest thing to a series rival. Saints Row made a name for itself using an eccentric tone and focusing on a growing gang known as the Saints.

The series eventually tackled the subject of things like superheroes and aliens, making the release of a fifth game difficult as there was no logical next step for the franchise. Earlier this year, the series returned with a reboot simply titled Saints Row.

Unfortunately, it has been criticized for its faulty construction, lackluster storyline, and outdated gameplay that left fans wanting more. The team is still working on fixing some bugs, but its legacy has broken a bit.

He expressed a somewhat positive view, noting that the game will make money, but not as much as the company had hoped. “Personally, I was hoping for better reception of the game,” Wingefors said. “It’s a very polarizing look. […] A lot can be said and detailed about it. I’m happy to see so many players and fans happy.

When speaking to investors, Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors explained how sad the game’s reception was and that he was hoping for more from game title.

b At the same time, I’m also a bit sad. to see the fans are not happy either. It’s hard. I think we have to wait for the November quarterly report to get more details. “

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