Rockstar Games disables social media comments

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  • After GTA 6 leaked, Rockstar Games took some protective measures on social media. Last weekend, an anonymous hacker claimed to have broken into Rockstar Games’ network, 90 released a video of him playing Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay. The leak was massive, as Rockstar only briefly admitted that he was working on a new Grand Theft Auto, but didn’t reveal any further details.

Main characters, settings, new game features, missions, and more have been revealed. It was a devastating leak that prompted Rockstar Games to respond, assuring fans that it was unlikely to have a long-term impact on the game’s development. Hackers have also claimed responsibility for a recent security breach at Uber, which the FBI is currently investigating.

Today Rockstar Games released its usual weekly update for GTA Online with various bonuses, discounts and other small additions and changes, but this time there was a slight difference. Disabled comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts about updates. Many Rockstar Games employees have blocked their social media accounts so that no one can see their profiles unless they already follow them.

This is likely due to people spamming leaked videos, images, and other related comments below posts from Rockstar Games and its employees. Employees are free to do as they please, but it’s unclear how long Rockstar will ban his social media accounts.

Perhaps this will be long enough for the game to have a proper reveal that fans can focus on rather than unfinished footage. No. At the moment there is no real timeline for this title so it could be weeks, months or even next year.Anyway, the developers are doing everything they can to avoid leaks There seems to be

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