RLX Technology publishes unaudited financial results for the second quarter of 2022

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  • “Over the past few months, we have made significant progress in aligning our business and product development with the new regulatory framework. Specifically, we have obtained manufacturing business licenses and regulatory approvals for some of our new products, demonstrating our operational excellence and cutting-edge R&D capabilities. forward,” said Ms. Ying (Kate) Wang, co-founder, chairwoman and CEO of RLX Technology.

Since 2018, we have cooperated with leading research institutes in the field of scientific research and product development, thus creating a strong foundation for us Also, in light of the electric steam market As the economy is changing and macroeconomic conditions are volatile, we continue to streamline our business by structuring and optimizing our operating processes, improving agility and efficiency. As always, we remain committed to meeting our users’ needs for safe, high-quality products that strictly comply with regulatory requirements. ”

“We are delighted to have recorded net sales of 2.2 billion yuan in Q2. We believe this strong second-quarter revenue was mainly due to the distribution of sales across the value chain. downstream in anticipation of our previous outage as the industry transformation phase draws to a close in Q3. Meanwhile, our continued efforts to optimize cost structure and optimize Maximizing operational efficiency paid off in Q2.

The ratio of non-GAAP expenses decreased QoQ, leading to improved profitability,” said Mr. Chao Lu, CFO of RLX Technology. Due to regulatory changes, we are gradually starting to sell new products tailored to our country in a new regulatory-mandated trading system.

Despite the macro difficulties, we will continue to focus on optimizing costs and enhancing the competitiveness of products under the new management mechanism to create sustainable growth in the long term. for our shareholders. »

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