Restaurant automation and efficiency have increased with new Oracle Cloud Marketplace integrations

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  • Restaurants are increasingly turning to technology to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing market faced with ongoing supply chain issues, inflation, labor shortages and fickle customers. To keep restaurants relevant and profitable, Oracle Cloud Marketplace continues to offer a record number of new integrations for MICROS Simphony Point-of-Sale (POS).

With his 200% increase in new integrations in the last 18 months alone, customers can quickly integrate new partners his technology to create the best technology stack for their business with minimal installation or maintenance costs. New integrations range from self-service kiosks, QR codes and AI to automated chip distribution and behavioral marketing.

Simon de Montfort Walker, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Food and Beverage, said:

We are making it simpler than ever for our customers to plug in the partner solutions that best suit the particular needs of their businesses by using Oracle MICROS Simphony as the hub.

The following new Oracle Cloud Marketplace member integrations are now accessible:

Additionally, Oracle does not use a revenue-share model for independent software suppliers (ISV), in contrast to other service providers, which can help restaurants keep integration costs down.

Restaurants can now offer menu interaction and self-ordering thanks to Acrelec Kiosks, a stylish, flexible suite of kiosks that may run independently or as part of a larger fleet. This boosts productivity and improves the interactive user experience.

For the best back-end operational assistance for restaurants, DTiQ 360 blends intelligent video and cutting-edge analytics. Restaurant owners may utilize business intelligence to evaluate tens of thousands of data points to enhance customer satisfaction, boost service efficiency, reduce food waste, reinvent loss prevention, and boost employee engagement. This is great for independent businesses or chains.

Grubbrr Kiosk is a flexible, self-ordering platform that gives patrons and staff a comprehensive experience through automatic upsells and promotions, discount code integration, and personalized menus with the option to edit product names and descriptions as well as add photos and videos to pique patrons’ interest and facilitate decision-making. Inpulse is a scalable platform for managing restaurants that automates kitchen operations and management based on anticipated sales, leading to larger profit margins, increased efficiency, and quicker expansion.

Utilizing information gathered at in-person or online events, such as attendance and purchasing patterns, assists companies in gaining fans through real-time behavioral marketing. These offers are personalized and pertinent to the consumer, and they can also have an impact on their decision-making at the time they are presented. Me & U offers mobile ordering so that patrons may spend more time seated at a table with loved ones and fewer hours waiting in line. Fast reorders, simple upsells, and data-driven add-ons free up your agents to concentrate on streamlining order fulfillment and enhancing customer experience.

To fully compute, automate, and distribute all tip-related earnings to employees, including tips, commissions, and service fees, PayDayPortal integrates with MICROS Simphony. This eliminates human tipping, lowers associated expenses, and eliminates liability.

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