Published by Amazon Game Studios is “New World”

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The developer says his team is working on it, but there are some launch date issues with login queues and server issues. The big picture: His Amazon track record in the game is sketchy and Whether or not it counts as a win depends heavily on his New World. Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, told the New York Times that the title “must break our game – no doubt about it. “New World” was originally scheduled for a May 2020 release date, but was pushed back due to multiple delays.

Amazon Game Studios’ MMO “New World” finally released on Tuesday after a difficult development cycle from a beleaguered game publisher. Details: New World, available on PC, sees players stranded on an island called Aeternum where “the fundamental laws of life and death have been broken.” The game allows for solo adventures or team-ups with players outside the faction trying to rule the island. According to Steam, the game currently has over 700,000 concurrent players, making it the top game on Tuesday.


  • Next steps: The game is off to a strong start. This bodes well for Amazon Game Studios’ future in the industry. Hartmann told his GamesIndustry: “I think ‘New World’ is going to be a big hit, but we’ve proven ourselves so we can get a lot more support.”

  • Despite Amazon’s deep pockets, the company has struggled to break into the gaming sector for nearly a decade. We’ve had more failures than successes, including thug Breakaway and the demise of the Lord of the Rings MMO. The free-to-play multiplayer shooter Crucible has been released and returned to its closed beta before being completely discontinued. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Hartmann pointed out Crucible’s failures.

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