PUBG Mobile version 2.2 introduces a new map and gameplay style

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PUBG Mobile update brings new map and game mode.The new map is called Nusa and it’s a tropical paradise island, which sounds a lot like Call of Duty: Warzone’s Caldera map that was introduced earlier this year. The map also adds a Super Recall mechanic that respawns players who have been eliminated early in the game as long as they have a surviving teammate. Solo players will respawn automatically. And as for Erangel, you will find additional spots and visual changes to some things in the surrounding area.

A brand-new edition of PUBG’s mobile game, which will include a ton of new features and a brand-new map, is soon to be released. The redesigned Erangel map, a new game mode, and visual tweaks to the surroundings are all included in PUBG 2.2.


  • The so-called Gear Front Mode will be available in all maps and offers new traversal and supply options. That’s a themed mode offering fast-paced gunfights, more enemy encounters, new skills and quicker map traversal.

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