One of the new GTA 6 features may have just been revealed by a GTA online survey

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  • One of the new features Rockstar Games is going to include in GTA 6—with a strong emphasis on May—might have just been disclosed in a recent GTA Online poll. His Tez2, a well-known insider when it comes to all things Rockstar Games and, thus, Grand Theft Auto, provides polls and feature stories.

The GTA+ survey from Rockstar Games was given to “chosen players.” Participants were reportedly asked to select the features they utilized most and least in the poll. Additionally, participants had to decide between two new services: free access to previous Rockstar games and immediate fast movement on maps.

Obviously the latter is irrelevant to GTA 6, but the former may be. If Instant Fast Travel is added to GTA Online, it will likely be added to GTA 6 as well. Not only would that be a huge selling point, but you wouldn’t put all the work into making a feature like this work or include it in the Marquee product.

It’s entirely possible that Rockstar Games decided not to pursue it because the response to Instant Fast Travel was less than enthusiastic, but the fact that it’s showing up in the polls suggests that it’s not in development in any way. has already started.

Right now all we have is this poll and a lot of speculation. This vote has been circulating for several days at this point and Rockstar Games has yet to address it. For various reasons, this change is not planned, but if it does, we will definitely update the story accordingly.

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