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On a dance pad, the streamer who beat Elden Ring with one hand is currently performing


This is the law of the universe. Elden Ring is no exception. We recently heard from streamer Miss Mikkaa that she completed a Tier 1 All Remembrance run with only one hand (opens in new tab). Well, Eurogamer (opens in new tab) notes that she’s been playing the entire game on the dance floor, proving that most of the limbs hanging off her body are unnecessary.

At this point it’s very traditional that every new FromSoft game has to be beaten by more and more ridiculous means. Bongos (opens in new tab), Bananas (opens in new tab), Guitar (opens in new tab): Any device that can connect to your PC and send input is used to fight the Nameless King.


  • MissMikkaa has already beaten the rogue gallery of game bosses and made her way deep into the world map, so it seems unlikely anything will end its run until Elden Beast is dishonorably defeated with a series of kicks. If you’d like to participate, you can find the runover on MissMikkaa’s.

  • Not a perfect setup. Inexplicably, FromSoft didn’t design his Elden Ring to play that way. So MissMikka needs some manual intervention to re-center the camera, but overall things seem to go pretty smoothly. It may be easier than.