oddFlex, a unique bookmaker, is now accessible on iOS and Android

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Like every sports bettor, Colin Dew-Becker, founder and CEO of oddFlex Games, loves the rush of having a part in the action. There is no other fan experience that compares to placing a wager, saying “I know what’s going to happen,” and then revelling in my unavoidable victory. Even while I enjoy boasting about how good I am at sports betting, the truth is that I know in the long run I will lose money. I created oddFlex with my team to solve this problem. By eliminating financial risk, providing bettors with the most wagering options, and creating superior performance measurements, we were able to enhance the social dynamics of sports betting so that oddFlex bettors can conclusively demonstrate they can identify winners more accurately than

Sports fans across the US now have access to an innovative, free-to-play sportsbook with to the launch of oddFlex today for iOS and Android devices. Players on oddFlex wager virtual currency that has no monetary worth rather than real money. The in-app store or free daily bonus credits can be used to top off bettors’ bankrolls. OddFlex has a wider audience and more flexibility than its real-money competitors thanks to this social sportsbook strategy. Without the cumbersome location tracking that traditional sportsbooks are forced to use, the app is accessible in the US, Canada, Mexico, and more than 100 other markets across the world.


  • oddFlex offers an unparalleled betting experience by covering more leagues and markets than any traditional sportsbook in the US. All the major US sports leagues are here, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. But oddFlex goes further, covering more eSports leagues than any US-operating sportsbook, including League of Legends LCS, the Halo Championship Series, and NBA 2K League. By the end of the year, bettors will be able to place wagers on the Oscars, elections, reality TV, and more.

  • In the coming months, oddFlex will give bettors a unique opportunity to profit from their betting talent without risking real money. Leveraging their complete betting history and statistical ranking on the Leaderboards, users can buy and sell their betting picks for real money via an in-app marketplace called BetMarket. This modernization of tout services, based on genuine performance and backed by fully transparent data, will make ‘gurus’ with photoshopped betslips a thing of the past, ushering in the era of verified sharps.

In the future, oddFlex users will have access to a market creation tool, which allows them to build their own betting markets. Looking to settle a score at your annual golf outing? Take for-fun bets on a darts game at your local dive? Over/under 30 minutes before your perennially late friend arrives? oddFlex will let users craft betting markets for any scenario they can think of, then accept picks for the event.

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