New widgets, a “dynamic island” and iOS 16 are all part of the Applel’event

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But it’s a few other changes, both expected and unexpected, that intrigue most app developers. The updated iOS 16 mobile operating system allows developers to reach users directly from the phone’s lock screen thanks to a new widget platform. Unveiled at this year’s WWDC, these new widgets follow a major lock screen overhaul and include a built-in editor, wallpaper gallery, theme tools, and live activity features to deliver this essential iPhone property.

Like clockwork, Apple held its annual fall event this week to reveal the latest iPhones to the public. The iPhone 14 lineup has some notable new features such as always-on display for Pro models, emergency satellite connectivity, SIM tray removal in the US prioritizing eSIM support, and other updates to the camera device system. It also includes specifications that have been chips, sensors, etc.


  • Developers have already figured out how to cleverly use this new screen real estate. In some cases, lock screen widgets are considered extensions of existing apps, such as Flighty pushing flight status and other travel updates to users. Greater personalization, allowing users to pin their favorite photos, motivational quotes, or favorite app shortcuts to their lock screen, as ScreenKit did See widgets as part of his service Some peo

  • provides real-time updates of WidgetKit will allow developers to build both watchOS and lock screen with the same code, Apple said at WWDC. You can choose from his three widget designs on the iPhone lock screen: circular, rectangular and inline. The latter is a way to convey information by placing a small amount of text and sci-fi icons above the lock screen clock rather than below it. 2.


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