New unexpected system update for PS4

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  • A surprise new system update from Sony has arrived for the PlayStation 4 console. At this point, Sony as a company began to move far away from his PS4 and become more focused on the PS5. Considering the PS5 is nearly two years old, it’s not a huge shock, but Sony hasn’t completely abandoned the PS4 and continues to update the console with new firmware patches.

Starting this week, Sony released system update 10.01 to his PS4 consoles worldwide. Patches are by no means substantive, and in fact the details of the changes are not yet clear. Sony’s official patch notes for update 10.01 only say, “This system software update improves system performance.”

Based on recent history, the answer to this question appears to lie in patch 10.00, released on his PS4 in early September. After the arrival of this firmware update, some of his PS4 users started experiencing strange issues. Notably, his DLC for various PS4 games has been widely reported to no longer appear on consoles, but was known to have been installed prior to the release of patch 10.00.

This DLC was never actually removed, but it looks like Sony took notice of this bug and is planning to fix it in patch 10.01. Only time will tell if this proves correct, but members of the PlayStation community will know more about this patch soon.

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