New technology is being used by the Maui Police Department to improve caller connections with dispatch

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  • The Maui Police Department has introduced a new system called Rapid Deploy to help dispatchers find the exact location of 911 callers.

You can send a link to the caller and use it to show where the dispatcher is using the camera. Dispatch takes screenshots and optionally records them.

The Emergency Services Operations Coordinator said the system will make it easier to send emergency aid to those in need.

“It gives me confidence that I’ve been doing my due diligence to reach out to these people. We texted them and called them back to make sure the situation was under control, especially when they were in a large area with no idea where they were.

Lacadio says Hawaii is multiethnic, so understanding people of different backgrounds is important when trying to help them in an emergency.

This system includes a GPS tracker to pinpoint the exact location of the caller.

“If they answer us in another language, the computer recognizes it and translates it, which is another great thing for us.”

Lacadio said the system will help people with hearing loss improve communication with headquarters.

“Everybody thinks it’s a luxury to call 9-1-1 because some people have a voice that answers. We’re all on the same platform, and at the same time, the same skills.” The system is expected to hit the market in about two weeks.

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