Miles Morales’ Spider-Man will launch on PC

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  • Hot after Insomniac’s PC release for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered last month, its spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, is also coming to PC later this year.

Today, the PlayStation YouTube channel released a first trailer for Miles Morales, showcasing his high-fidelity graphics and stunning animated ass and turns. Miles Morales’ PC port is being developed by Nixxes Software, the same people behind Spider-Man Remastered’s PC port.

Miles Morales is available in the wishlist on Steam and in the Epic Games store.

Originally released in 2020, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place about a year after the Spider-Man finale. In it, you dress up as Miles as he takes off his workout wheel, or web shooter (?), and step into the role of New York’s only Spider-Man while Peter Parker has a very vacation. worthy.

If our review of Spider-Man Remastered on PC is any indication, Miles Morales is shaping up to be as sharp and polished as Peter’s PC adventures, perhaps standing the test of time. as the final version of the game.

In Kotaku’s review of Miles Morales, we said it was “a beautiful game with a big heart”, “excellent in its smallest moments” despite being a shorter game. by Peter. It also has the merit of having former Kotaku writers Evan Narcisse and Mary Kenney as writers, which is great.

Arguably the best part of any PC version of a console game are the mods that go with the game. In the short time that Spider-Man Remastered arrives on PC, we’ve seen Goro Majima models of Kingpin, Stan Lee, and Yakuza swapped in place of Marvel’s fast-talking hero.

With that, I expect Miles Morales mods. Maybe we’ll see a Static Shock mod? This is really great. Oh my gosh, put my man in the Black Timbs or the Air Squad and deal him damage while you’re at it.

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