Microsoft renews the xCloud brand for cloud gaming services

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The type code used describes its use: “Entertainment services, i.e. the provision of online video games; rental of video games; provision of entertainment information and video game tournaments and competitions through websites. Does this mean Microsoft might rebrand Xbox Cloud Gaming one day? Since Fortnite launched a few months ago, a whole new audience has discovered the platform and now mostly know Xbox Cloud games. I’m here. Here’s how Xbox Cloud Gaming and XCloud are pretty much matched in search scope, and the relative explosion that happened when Fortnite hit the service. Microsoft’s naming conventions are often explicit rather than abstract.

When Microsoft first unveiled its long-awaited cloud streaming platform, Xbox, the project was codenamed XCloud. However, the official name has since moved to Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is functional, but not what I would call fun.Maybe Microsoft would agree?  In case you didn’t know, Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft’s Netflix-like video game streaming service built into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Dozens of smart devices such as touch controls or connected Android gamepads, the web via, Windows PCs via the Xbox app, or Xbox consoles for one price play in supported regions. You can play games. $15/month. Discovered by Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft just renewed its trademark registration for the XCLOUD trademark.


  • What it lacks in style it often makes up for in clarity. “Xbox Cloud Gaming” may be hard to read, but at least it describes what it is directly. plug. You can be forgiven for thinking that Amazon Luna is some kind of cleaning product, or that Stadia is another ill-fated attempt by Google to social networks. But as these types of services continue to move toward mainstream adoption, it’s a smart choice for Microsoft to have a cooler, more abstract name like “XCLOUD” for stylistic purposes. maybe.

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