Microsoft delivers disappointing news to original Xbox 360 fans

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  • Longtime fans of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console may be disappointed by the new update from the company. When his Xbox 360 first launched in 2005, it featured an early version of his Xbox dashboard that fans called “The Blade.” The Xbox 360 and later Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles had many different dashboard iterations. It’s this Blades setup that still resonates with fans more than a decade later. People have made it clear that it doesn’t happen.

In a recent conversation on the Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft’s own Larry Hyrb (a.k.a. Major Nelson for Xbox fans) said he’d like to see the return of his Xbox 360 Blades format on the Xbox Series X. I have fulfilled your request. Hyrb seemed to appreciate what Blades had to offer at the time, but said the visual style doesn’t work in the Xbox ecosystem these days.

“No, you can’t put the blades back on,” Hyrb said directly to the fans when discussing future dashboard updates that are in progress. As we say in , we can’t get them back because they don’t match what we want to do.

In short, this isn’t that big of a shock, and it’s hard to disagree with Hyrb’s statement: Blades was great on his Xbox 360, but even at a time when the Xbox digital ecosystem wasn’t really taking off. existed. With new modern features such as Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft Store, and the multitude of social aspects currently present on Xbox consoles, it’s hard to imagine how they’ll work in the Blades structure. Blades were great for their time, but Xbox fans seem to have to admit that this dashboard is officially a thing of the past.

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