Low price on PS4 game on Cdiscount

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While it can be found on the PlayStation Store for €69.99, Final Fantasy VII Remake is sold by Cdiscount at a price of €19.99 only. For information, even if the purchase amount of the product is less than 25 euros, the delivery of the PS4 game in Staffelpunkt is free.

Here’s a great deal on the Cdiscount website for those who looking to add a cheap PS4 title to their physical games collection!


  • Developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Remake and released in April 2020 is, as its name suggests, the remake of the game Final Fantasy VII. In this opus, the player finds himself in a post-industrial fantasy world that comes into his hands fallen to the obscure Shinra Electric Power Company, and stars as Cloud Strife, a mercenary and former member of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER Corps. He will also join forces with Avalanche, a group organizing resistance against the Shinra Company. To preview the game, discover the trailer without delay.

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