Launch of the Zeb Octave Tower Speaker with Dolby Audio from Zebronics

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Zeb-Octave claims to offer amazing audio quality with the Dolby experience and virtual 3D mode. It comes with a dedicated tweeter, dual midrange drivers and a powerful subwoofer for audio. You can also connect two wireless microphones that come with Zeb-Octave and sing along, or create memories with the karaoke function. In addition, you can also control the speaker with a remote control consisting of 4 equalizer modes.

Zebronics has launched a new floor-standing speaker with Dolby Audio called the Zeb-Octave. The company calls Zebronic’s Zeb-Octave India the first floor-standing speaker with Dolby Audio. Zeb-Octave is currently priced at Rs 24,999. You can buy it on Zebronics website and his Flipkart.  The Zebronics Zeb Octave loudspeaker provides 340 Watts RMS output. It has touch controls and an LED display on the front and is housed in a black and gold case.


  • The watch features a large touchscreen and enhanced companion apps for iOS and Android for easy monitoring and adjustment. It has 10 watch faces and you can choose from over 100 watch faces from the app. Zebronics Iconic also has various fitness and health monitoring features such as real-time blood pressure monitoring, oxygen saturation (Sp02) and continuous heart rate monitoring. It also features a pedometer, calorie counter, distance tracker, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, meditative breathing.

  • Commenting on the product launch, co-founder and director Pradeep Doshi said: Features that provide the best listening experience. We are the first Indian brand to launch floor-standing speakers with Dolby Audio and are very proud to bring a premium audio experience to the masses. ” Recently, the Zebronics Iconic Smartwatch was launched in India. The Iconic unisex smartwatch has his three band options. Silicone straps in blue, silver and black. Black leather strap. Black and silver metal band.

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