Krafton targets Neon Giant’s The Ascent studio

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  • The parent company of PUBG, Krafton, is searching for a new reliable studio. The Ascent, an exceptional cyberpunk action role-playing game, was created by Neon Giant.

A somber statement in Krafton’s third quarter financial report broke the news of the acquisition. In a broad sense, it made clear what the studio has planned for its upcoming game.

In order to maintain a steady pipeline of premium titles, Craton “continues to invest in development and service capabilities.” We have made preparations to purchase the Neon Giant studio. Additionally, Craton will create a sizable studio in Canada to oversee the production of The Bird That Drinks Tears.

The idea for the video game Bird Drinking Tears was inspired by the same-titled, well read Yeongdo Lee fantasy novel series in Korea. The game is not well known. Although it is still listed as a “unannounced project” on the official website, a “visual concept trailer” was unveiled in September and it appears to have a lot of potential.

This is a masterclass in evoking a sense of place and ambience, from the opulent Golden Satori casino to the desolate, decaying Black Lake slums, we wrote. Just keep in mind that, despite what the screenshots might suggest, it’s a shooter that plays more like an arcade game than a fast-paced CRPG like Shadowrun.

The Ascent, which was published in 2021, is unquestionably quite intriguing: In our 84% rating, we referred to it as “one of the most intriguing cyberpunk worlds on PC.”

Even if Krafton hasn’t quite reached the acquisition levels of Embracer Group, it is clearly growing. The deal for Neon Giant isn’t finalized, but if and when it does, it’ll join PUBG Studios, Striking Distance Studios, and Unknown Worlds, which is presently developing a new Subnautica game as well as a “digital miniatures game” called Moonbreaker.

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