iPhone 14 Max: Here are some reasons why I support it after the “mini” has failed Apple

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Not yet clear? Not to worry, Let me clarify that for you and explain why purchasing the new iPhone is the best course of action for many people, including myself. First, let’s look at the reasons why the iPhone “small” was discontinued after only two revisions. The’mini’ has arrived! Because Apple won’t invest in little phones (even the iPhone SE is underperforming) iPhone 14 Max vs. iPhone 13 Mini: This is why I support it wholeheartedly: it’s a smart step for Apple after the “mini” fizzled.

The excitement (or lack thereof, depending on your position on Apple) is growing for the upcoming iPhone 14 series Apple announcement! In any event, Apple is making two intriguing, noteworthy changes to its flagship iPhone range this year: first, the iPhone small is being discontinued, and second, a new model simply dubbed “Max”—the iPhone 14 Max—is being introduced (or iPhone 14 Plus according to the latest rumor). No, that phone is not an iPhone 14 Pro Max; it is a different model. If you’ve ever desired simply the “Max” part of an iPhone “Pro Max,” Apple is giving us a less expensive large phone, so you’ll finally have the choice to purchase it, without having to pay for all the “Pro” stuff.


  • In the broad scheme of things, consumers are clearly in the minority, so I’m not surprised that Apple opted to discontinue the “small” line just two generations later. Even if Apple, based in Cupertino, wants to be known as a producer of products that appeal to people’ emotions, at the end of the day, it’s a business, and if something is not profitable, especially at such low sales levels, Apple will discontinue it. Which, incidentally, is rather dissimilar to Samsung, which, despite discontinuing the “Note” since it was a specialised stylus phone, nonetheless managed to keep its essence alive, albeit under a different name (Galaxy S22 Ultra).

  • As a result, sales of the iPhone 12 small and iPhone 13 mini were simply lower than those of the larger iPhones. According to reports, each of the two tiny iPhones had a sales share of just 3% during their respective generations. I do enjoy the smaller iPhone models, however their,

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max (or Plus), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are displayed from right to left. Following the failure of the “mini,” it’s a terrific decision for Apple, and this is why I support it. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max (or Plus), and iPhone 14 are displayed from right to left.

What kind of phone, in any event, will occupy the vacant position left by the iPhone 14 series? Small phones obviously don’t work for Apple, thus a new, large one is in order! It’s the “Max” now! Some individuals (like me) appreciate large phones, large screens, and large batteries, but they may not want to spend a lot more money on “Pro” bells and whistles.

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