How to move WhatsApp conversations from From Android to iOS

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During the Galaxy Unpacked event last year, the firm introduced this WhatsApp functionality. Prior to that, the instant messaging platform allowed users to lose their chat history while moving or depend on third-party programmes to transfer it. Even while it is legal to move data from one operating system to another, there are a few factors you should note before moving:

Here is a helpful tip for those who have switched from an Android to an iPhone: you can now move your WhatsApp conversations from Android to iOS. The actions you must take are listed below. WhatsApp just revealed that users may now simply move data from an Android handset to an iOS device without losing the text history or content, unlike in the past.


  • Transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone:Now tap on ‘Start’ from your Android device, and wait till the app prepares the data for export. Once the process starts, you will be signed out from your Android device and the transfer of data will start to prepare.  When prompted, tap on ‘Start’, and allow the process to finish. You will witness your chats on the new device being exported once the transfer is complete. This is important to inform you that the transferred data could not be uploaded to iCloud unless you create a backup. The data will also keep it stored in the Android device as well, till the time you uninstall the app from your device or wipe the stored data manually.

  • For Apple devices, the iPhone or iPad must run on iOS 15.5 and above variants. You must note that the transfer of data happens wirelessly, so both of your devices should be in the range of the same Wi-Fi network. Also, it is recommended that you must connect your smartphone with a power source during the migration of the data. Here are the steps to transfer the data for both Android and iOS devices.

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