Here are some Halloween games you could play for a reduced price

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Now, Deathloop isn’t inherently a scary game (although it can get pretty tense when your health is at the last scrap and you’re surrounded by enemies), but we’re highlighting it here. Lowest price ever across all platforms. If you have a PS5, both the physical and digital versions are $40 (usually $60). For those hesitant to get into the game, the price should make it a little easier to justify yourself, it also retails for $40 on Steam.

It’s a spooky holiday weekend, but you know that since Halloween, your city has probably been decorated for the past month and a half. But what hasn’t been around for a long time (and will be gone sooner than these decorations) is the deal below. Spooky videos to play if you’re in the mood and want to get in the Christmas spirit this weekend Introducing special discounts on games. As you all know, Steam’s Halloween Sale will end on Monday, November 1st at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT. Following this game-focused section are tech gadget deals we think you’ll enjoy.


  • It’s the same price on Xbox consoles as it is on Steam. For just $10, Until Dawn, a slashing game where you choose your own path, is a spooky and spooky experience. This is for PlayStation 4 and 5 owners only and is already included with Windows PC if you have PS Now and subscriptions for your console. The plot involves a teenager (Rami Malek, starring Hayden Panettiere) behaving recklessly in a spooky house while the killer is on the run. Your actions determine the flow of the game, and it’s a fun game worth $10.

  • This is Arkane Studios’ latest game, with fast-paced frenetic action reminiscent of his Dishonored. However, the gameplay loop is very different. Even if some of the power you end up with is similar. Check out Andrew Webster’s full review of the game. Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is a brilliant reimagining of the classic horror game, not to mention one of his most polished games ever. Even if you never played the original version on PS1, this game is a must-have horror game available on PS4 and PS5 for just $16.

Outer Wilds is another game that’s discounted for Halloween, and while it’s not classified as a horror game, it’s another title that has a spooky feel the more you dig into it. But don’t worry about jumping. Instead, the game has some moments that make you feel like you’re in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Normally $25, but $15 on PC via Steam. His excellent Echoes of the Eye extension is now available for $12 instead of $15. The game is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but there are currently no discounts.

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