Haylou’s bone conduction headphones

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Some sounds still leak through, but most are muted by this process. No one can hear anything unless someone is standing near you and turning the volume up. On the other hand, as mentioned above, nothing blocks your ears. So if you’re working in a tricky safe zone or driving through heavy traffic, you won’t miss a thing. There really isn’t much competition when it comes to quality models on the market. From time to time you come across models like this from Haylou. This is the Haylou PurFree Bone Conduction Headphone, which does a great job competing with options like Shokz (formerly Aftershokz).

Finding a good pair of bone conduction headphones can be tricky as many fakes and models don’t live up to expectations. The sound quality is also tricky, bone conduction models don’t sound like regular headphones (no full range). , which may come as a bit of a surprise to newcomers. Instead, it’s designed for your specific needs, delivering ambient-level sound without distractions from your surroundings.
Bone conduction keeps the ear free against everything around it while projecting sound into the ear via vibrations that travel through the cheekbones into the ear canal.


  • In terms of its button configuration, there is a multi-function button on the left, used for various tasks such as playing/pausing music, answering phone calls, and triggering virtual assistants (such as Google Assistant) on connected devices. It also controls the track controls when skipping to the next track or returning to the previous track with gestures like double-click or triple-click. His other two buttons are on the other side, just below the side module/section. Here is the volume up/down button. The volume up button doubles as the power button. Next to it is a charging port that uses a unique magnetic cable.

  • Looking at these headphones, they look very similar to the Shokz OpenRun model. This is a common design that is the current (modern) standard on many models (there are some great options). In fact, they’re almost identical to each other, except for the fact that the Haylou’s side panels are slightly larger.
    The weight, materials, and button placement are almost identical. So when it comes to competition, it’s clear that Haylou is targeting Shokz in the market. After all, the company pays close attention to design details to ensure this, and it shows in the headphones’ performance.

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