Google has a smart strategy for dealing with incorrect security notifications

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According to a new blog post  from Google Cloud, SCC is constantly evolving with new features to make your security operations and management processes more efficient. To this end, the company has added a new Findings Mute feature to his SCC. This helps companies effectively manage their findings based on their policies and requirements. SCC presents potential security risks in an organization’s cloud environment as “findings” such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and threats. Identifying, triaging, and fixing issues can be difficult. The risks that matter most to your business.

A flood of security alerts can make it difficult for IT and security teams to spot urgent threats. That’s why Google Cloud is adding a new Silence Results (SCC) feature to their security commands center. SCC is the search-leading security and risk management platform used by organizations to manage and improve their cloud security and risk posture. The platform provides visibility into cloud assets that helps organizations discover misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, detect threats, and maintain compliance with industry standards and benchmarks.


  • However, when results are silenced, they are still logged for audit and compliance purposes. Orgs can also see muted results at any time, but they won’t appear on the SCC dashboard by default. Google Cloud’s Mute Findings feature is now available in SCC via the Google Cloud Platform Console, gcloudtool, and APIs. The company also provides documentation (opens in a new tab) for organizations interested in leveraging this new feature.

  • With the introduction of Google Cloud’s new Mute Findings feature, organizations can reduce the volume of findings and focus on the security issues that matter most. This new capability also helps organizations save time by eliminating the need to review and act on insights that have been identified as acceptable risks in the environment. For example, alerts for assets that are quarantined or within acceptable business parameters may not require immediate response from your security team, or may not require remediation at all.

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