Google Duo is no longer available, but its Android symbol is back

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The only application that is still in use in terms of implementation is Google Duo, which has recently undergone an update that includes a new home screen and features from both services. According to the research, Duo’s substantially larger installed base explains this. The four-color Meet version was launched in an upgrade that began going out at the beginning of August, replacing the blue Duo icon. Having updated and launched the app, Duo is taken out of the launcher.

Los Angeles: The tech giant Google has restored the previous Duo icon and name as a separate shortcut that appears in the app launcher after renaming its Duo video chat programme Meet. According to 9To5Google, Google decided to consolidate its two video calling services into one and chose “Meet” as the survivor brand.


  • The giant said it intentionally brought back the Duo icon with this update on Android. It is meant to help people that search/type “Duo” to launch the application. The company said it is working to make the upgrade easier for end users. Recently, the company also announced new features like scheduling and joining meetings, virtual backgrounds, in-meeting chat and more, in addition to your current video calling features after merging Duo and Meet.

  • With this update to Android, the giant claimed it brought back the Duo icon on purpose. It is intended to make it easier for users to open the programme when they search for or type “Duo”. The business claimed it was attempting to simplify the change for customers. In addition to your current video calling options, the firm just revealed additional features like scheduling and joining meetings, virtual backgrounds, in-meeting chat, and more after combining Duo and Meet.

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