Good news for Apple users: unlimited repairs

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Yes, by mistake your AirPods If you send it to the wash, drop your iPad off the counter, break your watch while falling, or sit on your MacBook Pro, that will also protect you. (Also goes for the Apple TV and HomePod Mini, but I have a hard time imagining how you’d break a device that’s mostly laying around the house.) I couldn’t find a single example with price. for coverage, for Apple Watch Ultra AppleCare Plus It costs a little more to pick up than the Series 8.

The programme now offers “unlimited fixes for accidental damage protection,” as MacRumors notes. MacCare Plus You used to be restricted to “two unintentional damage protection incidents every 12 months,” according to an archived version of the page from last month. Before you celebrate by throwing your phone in the air, keep in mind that service fees and costs still apply. For example, repairing a screen or rear glass will cost you $29, while fixing “other accidental damage” would cost you another $29. Moreover Apple’s It is made explicit in the fine print that damage must be the result of “unexpected and accidental incidents” in order for AppleCare Plus to cover it. Upgrade to only support Apple’s The Wednesday-announced phones are not covered by it. Moreover iOS 13 and


  • apple, of The Verge did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether past AppleCare Plus purchasers (for example, when the iPhone 13 was first announced) would receive unlimited repairs or still be held twice a year. boundary. One last important point to remember: Protected against theft and loss AppleCare Plus stolen or misplaced your iPhones replacement is still limited to two per year. You’ll still get unlimited repairs, but if you completely lose your iPhone more than twice a year, you’re out of luck – it doesn’t look like you’ve had a very good chance at first.

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