For some Indian Android users, the Twitter Share button is replaced by a WhatsApp icon

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Twitter has introduced a new share button that shows a WhatsApp logo, which’ll make someone believe that it is used to share tweets to WhatsApp, but the button does not function as expected. Tapping the new ‘WhatsApp logo’ share button on Twitter still brings up the same share window, which includes a lot of sharing options. If a user wants to share on WhatsApp, they must select the ‘WhatsApp’ option once again after opening the share window.

Before, a lot of people thought that the new share button would be used to send tweets directly to WhatsApp. The share button’s icon is the only thing that has changed; everything else is still the same. Twitter announced the feature update via its official India account, @TwitterIndia.


  • Twitter shared the feature development through its official India handle @TwitterIndia, saying, “some of you might see a WhatsApp Share icon and if you do, let us know what you think.” Thus the test seems to be limited to a few selected Indian users (that too only Android). It’s not yet know when the new WhatsApp icon share button will be seen by other Twitter users. And as the feature is currently in testing, the company is free to discontinue it at any time.

  • The new button replaces the current share button, and the only thing that has changed is the icon, while other things remain unchanged. Thus, all sharing options such as direct messaging, copy URL, tweet embedding, and other options will stay just like they were before.

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