Focus on results to promote Zero Trust

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  • I work with a lot of CIOs and CISOs who are finished. The merchants’ refrain that “Zero Trust is a journey” is getting on my nerves. Admittedly, putting Zero Trust concepts into practice for people, devices, apps, clouds, and data will not be easy. Anyone who asserts the opposite is not being truthful.

However, Sisyphus strikes when you see zero trust security as a trip. There is not any direction to tell you whether you are aiming in the right direction, picking the appropriate road, how well you are doing, or how long it will take you to get where you are going. Are we moving forward or are we just rolling the same rocks up the mountain every day?

Adopting a Zero Trust architecture for your organization is transformative. It requires a change of mindset, not just a toolset.

No matter what vendors say, Zero Trust cannot be solved quickly or through technology alone. The transformation brought about by Zero Trust requires changes in people, processes and technology. You need strong relationships within your organization, even if those relationships have been strengthened by transformation. Cultural and operational changes are being considered.

In fact, any organization that is making progress toward Zero Trust, or has mature Zero Trust implementations, will achieve well-defined outcomes—from gaining executive trust to building a security culture to streamlining IR processes. to compliance, etc.).

A recent analysis based on data from the Security Outcomes Study, Volume 2 shows that zero trust progress can be achieved regardless of the level of complexity of your IT infrastructure. From simple to complex IT environments, organizations can improve outcomes while simultaneously moving toward Zero Trust security.

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