Five places will have license plate readers installed by the RCSO

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  • The Richland County Sheriff’s Office will install license plate reading cameras at five locations.

The cameras, funded by a government grant, will be installed on “major thoroughfares” throughout the county using the same technology used by the Mansfield Police Department.

Masi and district engineer Adam Gove met with the district board on Thursday to give the sheriff’s office permission to install cameras on the district’s right-of-way.

The commissioner pointed out that the cameras will not be used to monitor vehicle speeds and no tickets will be issued to use them.

At the intersection of Bowman Road and Richards Road. – Junction of Bowman Road and Crall Road.

Cameras can be mounted in:

At the intersection of Plymouth-Springmill Road and Holtz Road.

At the intersection of Crid Road and Bowen Road.

At the intersection of Lexington-Springmill Road and Millsboro Road. “We believe this device will help public safety in these areas,” Masi said. “Thank you to the commissioners who are taking this forward.”

The fixed camera fleet security technology was funded by a grant from the Ohio Criminal Justice Services Project’s Safe Neighborhoods Program. Grants are administered here and locally by the Mansfield Police Department. The technology can not only read license plates, but also recognize the make, model and color of vehicles, Mansfield Police Chief Keith Porch said in February when the city announced plans to use the system.

Boss called the technology a “power multiplier.” When the system detects a vehicle that law enforcement is looking for, it automatically sends real-time information to dispatchers and law enforcement officers in patrol cars.

In another example, if there is a spate of thefts in your neighborhood and residents can describe their vehicles without license plates, this information can be entered into the system to include unique information such as bumper stickers, decals, roof racks, etc. For example, when a car is reported stolen in Mansfield or elsewhere, information about the vehicle is entered into the National Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS). If the Flock Safety camera detects the vehicle, it will notify the appropriate law enforcement agency, providing photographic evidence, location, time, and more.

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