Emerald Valley Processors chooses Luna Technologies for the expansion of its cannabis extraction plant

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  • Emerald Valley Processors, a vertically integrated cannabis farm in Eugene, Oregon, received automated large-scale hydrocarbon, butane hash oil production from Luna Technologies, a Portland-based maker of extractors for the cannabis business. BHO, – Processors and Suppliers for the Oregon Market, declared that it would set up an extraction machine.

The fact that Oberon’s high capacity and automated operation could fulfill the rising demand for recreational cannabis products was a significant factor in Emerald Valley Processors’ decision to use a hydrocarbon extractor. With just 60 seconds of downtime, Oberon enables major operators like Emerald Valley to process 40 pounds or more of fresh frozen cannabis flowers (or 30 pounds of dried cannabis flowers) each hour while operating continuously. Oberon gives Emerald Valley Processors permission to lift more than 1,000 pounds. In 24 hours, freshly frozen cannabis.

The system also makes use of programmable and adaptable extraction recipes via the exclusive recipe book from Luna Technologies, which is accessible at any time via the integrated touchscreen and related mobile software applications for iOS and Android devices.

Owner and operator of Emerald Valley Processing, “The capabilities of the Oberon, especially its ease of use and constant production, sets this machine aside from other closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction devices we’ve examined.” “The Oberon’s reduced training time allows our production team to concentrate on other higher-value tasks that are accelerating our growth. Emerald Valley Processors has an advantage in our fiercely competitive industry because to the variety of data that this machine generates as well as its assistance in our ongoing process improvement.”


Leading businesses like Emerald Valley Processors require more capacity to keep up with demand, but at the same time, they must limit production costs without compromising consistency and quality, president of Luna Technologies. “The Oberon empowers processors to produce extraction products in greater volumes and with greater consistency in less time while also lowering labor hours,” says the manufacturer.

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