Elsie is the name of Debian Edition (LMDE) 5, while Una is the name of Linux Mint 20.3

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In addition to the name and general release date of Linux Mint 20.3, we know some additional information too. For instance, Una will come with the usual trio of desktop environment options — Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce. The developers also promise new dark themes and other visual enhancements.

We informed you in July that Linux Mint 20.3 would be available around Christmas. Sadly, that was pretty much everything we knew about the imminent release of the Ubuntu-based operating system. Thankfully, the creators have updated their information. Now that Linux Mint 20.3 has been named, we also know the name of the next Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 5. Both will be called “Una,” in keeping with Mint’s history of solely adopting female names, while the latter will be called “Elsie.”


  • Meanwhile, the less-popular LMDE 5 will be based on the bleeding-edge Debian 11 “Bullseye” and use the Cinnamon desktop environment exclusively. Interestingly, the Debian variant will still support ancient 32-bit processors in addition to modern 64-bit chips.

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