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Of course, this beauty is not only superficial. Each model features some of the best acoustic piano tones in the Privia family and great touches that will delight and delight experienced players. Since its debut in 2003, the Casio Privia has earned an enviable reputation for its fully immersive sound, exceptional touch and engaging style, making him one of the best-selling digital pianos on the market. Innovation continues to be at the heart of the evolution of this product line, proving that digital instruments can deliver an advanced and truly professional playing experience without being bulky, heavy or expensive.

The company, the world’s leading maker of powerful yet affordable electronic musical instruments, today announced three premium models (PX-S7000, PX-S6000 and PX -S5000) was added. This new Trifecta frees the piano from traditional walls with a clean, mid-century modern design and a transparent music stand that invites views from every angle. Luxurious embellishments convey an aesthetic of understated elegance, including spruce key sides and new key covers on each model, slim and sturdy minimalist stands, and modern colors with wood accents.


  • Privia PX-S7000

  • Today, the Privia is the thinnest digital piano in the world1 and has won his 2021 Dealer’s Choice Awards (Home Digital Keyboard of the Year and Pro Digital Keyboard of the Year) from the musical instrument industry’s acclaimed publication Musical Merchandise Review. Awarded. The latest models build on this storied legacy, translating the pinnacle of Casio’s technological achievements into form factors that perfectly complement today’s lifestyles and living spaces.

When you hold your hand over the PX-S7000, it instantly surpasses its size. The instrument’s new smart hybrid hammer-action keyboard and simulated ebony and ivory keycaps connect the player’s fingers to the rich sound of his three world-class grand pianos in Berlin, Hamburg and New York. Derived from Casio’s premium Serbiano Grand Hybrid pianos, the new and improved Acoustic Intelligent Resonator accurately reproduces the physical resonances inherent in acoustic piano strings, soundboards, dampers, and other components.

The flagship of this new family of instruments, his PX-S7000 is the best-sounding, best-feeling, best-looking Privia ever. The Privia PX-S7000 has a gorgeous sound and feel to match, and gorgeous style to make a stunning musical centerpiece for any home. A striking modern design in three finishes, including a harmonious new mustard color reminiscent of vintage music equipment and European fine furniture, it brings joy to any living space, but also works wonders in any interior.

The improved keyboard action ensures a pleasingly quiet and gentle response, conveying the overall experience of playing a well-tuned concert grand piano. The 400 built-in sounds inside the PX-S7000 (including 50 electric piano sounds with inspiring reeds, reeds, and other classic instruments) are enhanced by gorgeous DSP effects, many of them timeless. Designed to cover the keyboard parts of transcendent world-famous songs.

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